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No pain, More Energy, Live your Best Life!

Counseling. Coaching. Healing.

As a certified Functional Medicine Specialist who specializes in autoimmune conditions, my goal is to support your specific wellness goals and lead your autoimmunity towards remission. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a personalized plan designed just for you.


About My Approach

How I Can Help

For me, quality of life is about being in balance with nature!

Dr. Deepa is a Functional Medicine Specialist, best-selling author, seen on Forbes, CBD specialist, LDN compounder, pharmacy owner, wife and mom of two. Dr. Deepa equips frustrated, stressed professionals with autoimmune conditions with tools to stop feeling fatigued, anxious and hopeless and feel sustained energy, in-control and healthy with her 7 step PATTANI protocol that utilizes diagnostic testing and 1:1 coaching so they can live their best life yet. 

Wellness Services

Let’s Work Together

Holding Hands

Personal Wellness

This coaching provides an in-depth, custom plan that you can follow to turn your auto-immune disease around.


  • 2- 1 hour sessions

  • First session in-depth intake

  • A Hair Tissue Minerals Test

  • 2nd session to include in-depth review of the symptoms from client intake form & test results, prioritizing the top 3 outcomes based on expertise and client requirements. 

  • Personalized diet and supplement recommendations.

  • Includes 2 sessions plus hair tissue test

Virtual Wellness for On-the-Go

This 6-month membership includes a variety of topics. All sessions in the topic may be accessed as soon as you purchase the VIP package. Enjoy unlimited access to all 10 modules for a full 6 months. LIVE FAQ session once a month.

Topics include:

  • Executive stress management

  • Full body detox and reset

  • Hormone balancing

  • Weight Loss 

  • Environmental Detox: Removing toxins from your home

**Dates and prices vary based on topic**

Group Therapy

Ready to start enhancing your life?

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What makes Dr. Deepa different from other functional medicine coaches is her knowledge of medicine, usage of pharmaceuticals, and her expert ability to inform about possible conflicts between prescribed medications and supplements that her clients are already taking. This in itself can be lifesaving.

Stuart S.

Attractive Young Woman

My mother-in-law went from not being able to hold up her head, feed herself or could barely stay awake in the nursing home to a fully functional adult that is now able to dress herself, bathe herself, ability to use a walker and now residing in an assisted living community. WOW what a difference!!!! We are forever grateful to Dr. Deepa

Jarah F.

Elegant Female

I mentioned to Dr. Deepa that I was struggling with sinus drainage even taking my allegra and my allergy shots. Dr. Deepa took the time to talk to me about my allergies and come up with natural ways to help.

Cynthia T.

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