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About Me

Hello, I'm Deepa Pattani

This is my Story 

Dr. Deepa is a Functional Medicine Specialist, aspiring author, as seen on Forbes, CBD specialist, LDN compounder, pharmacy owner, wife and mom of two. Dr. Deepa equips frustrated, stressed professionals with tools to stop feeling fatigued, anxious and hopeless and feel sustained energy, in-control and healthy with her 7 step PATTANI Protocol that utilizes diagnostic testing and 1:1 coaching so they can live their best life yet.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Deepa has worked in hospitals and long-term care so she understands that treating the root cause is the ONLY option. As an autoimmune disease educator, Dr. Deepa has helped patients manage weight loss, reduce medications and decrease hospitalizations. She has helped over 500 patients in the last 5 years alone and has been a frequent speaker and educated other medical professionals.

Dr. Deepa has been seen on Forbes, featured in Dallas Voyage Magazine, has been a repeat radio guest and aspiring author of book “Unleashing the Storrie Within” can be found on Amazon as early as March of 2022. She’s passionate about utilizing CBD to reduce medications, microdosing with LDN and holistic healing.

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